The Midlands: UK’s most dangerous place to work

According to research by Payroll and HR firm Moorepay, workers in the Midlands are 24% more likely to suffer an accident at work compared to the rest of the UK. The same research suggests that specifically, workers in the city … Continued

Amazon robot accident puts 24 workers in hospital

At an Amazon warehouse in Robbinsville, New Jersey a 255g can of bear repellent was punctured by an automated machine and 24 employees were taken to hospital. The repellent, designed to scare off wild bears contained a highly concentrated pepper … Continued

Traffic accidents kill more than HIV, TB and Malaria

  The World Health Organisation (WHO) have revealed that road traffic accidents are now the eighth leading cause of deaths worldwide, killing 1.35 million people a year. The numbers of people killed on the roads is steadily increasing each year … Continued

Three Injured in accident at nuclear power plant in Haysham.

Three people have been injured following a serious incident at Heysham 1 nuclear power plant in Lancashire. The plant owners, Power company EDF, described the incident as an ‘accidental steam release’. They said it was not related to the nuclear … Continued

How to Manage Workplace Accidents, as an Employer

Accidents happen, it’s part of life – but if an employee experiences an injury in the workplace, they are entitled to financial compensation that covers their losses incurred as a result of the accident. As an employer, you must ensure … Continued