How to Manage Workplace Accidents, as an Employer

Accidents happen, it’s part of life – but if an employee experiences an injury in the workplace, they are entitled to financial compensation that covers their losses incurred as a result of the accident. As an employer, you must ensure … Continued

New Pothole Policy leaves Cyclist’s lives at Risk

Assistant coroner for Greater Manchester North, Peter Sigee said in a report to the Transport Secretary that the government guidance on pothole repairs will “increase the risk of future deaths” for cyclists. Last spring Roger Hamer, 83, was thrown from … Continued

Drivers paying thousands for non-fault accidents

Over a third of motorists say they’ve suffered financial losses after being involved in a road traffic collision that wasn’t their fault. An RAC survey found that 36% of drivers have lost out financially because of a “non-fault” accident, with … Continued

How will Brexit affect your personal injury claim?

Last year, Britain voted and made the monumental decision to leave the European Union. There have been seemingly endless conferences and diplomatic meetings to determine exactly how Britain will leave the EU, since these many of us have been left … Continued

Woman dies from black market botox

A woman has died following a black market botox procedure. 31-year-old Latesha Bynum received the toxic injections in an unmarked building, on East 21st Street near First Avenue in Gramercy Park in July of last year. Two weeks later, the … Continued

What you need to know before filing your personal injury claim

If you’re looking to receive compensation it’s important that you educate yourself about the process, so to prevent yourself from making crucial mistakes. The more you make yourself aware, the bigger opportunity you give yourself of receiving a fair settlement. … Continued