How will Brexit affect your personal injury claim?

Last year, Britain voted and made the monumental decision to leave the European Union. There have been seemingly endless conferences and diplomatic meetings to determine exactly how Britain will leave the EU, since these many of us have been left unclear as to how our exit will influence the UK’s law and business sector.

At present, the EU has ‘directives’, which can be described as legal acts/laws which oblige every member state of the organisation to enforce these as national law by a certain set date.

It is no longer required for Britain to register new legislation whenever the EU declares it’s new/revised directives.

Current EU laws that may influence your personal injury case

1.Sustaining an injury or accident outside the UK- the European Health Insurance Card has for a long time, acted as a safety cushion, protecting UK tourists from paying monumental medical fees, should they fall victim to injury during their time outside of the UK.

The ‘Sixth Directive’ is also a law that safeguards those with valid EU passports against uninsured drivers.

2.The 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act protects workers and employees throughout the EU, ensuring that correct working methods are being followed.

3.Product safety for purchasing of goods and services in the EU is assured by the 1974 Consumer Protection Act.

The foreseeable future may be unclear, however, we can still have faith that Britain will make the right choices to allow a clean break from the EU. The UK government will likely make similar laws to the EU directives currently in place to guarantee the stability of our economy.