The five most common workplace injuries

Serious workplace injuries are becoming commonplace. Over 4,400 workers were killed at work during 2013, while 3.3 million sustained injuries that came with lifelong effects.

The injuries mentioned in this article can happen to anyone at any given time, and it’s the responsibility of both the employee and the employer to ensure a safe work environment and be cautious on the job. The accidents mentioned below are classed as five of the most common workplace injuries statistically.

On the Job Violent Acts – These usually come in the form of arguments which then heighten to physical attacks. Proper training and an awareness of suspicious behaviour can contribute to keeping these incidents at bay.

Vehicle Accidents- Those who drive as part of their occupation e.g. district nurses, or taxi drivers can often find themselves part of road traffic accidents, some of which can cost their lives. Employee Safe-Driver training and employer safe driving policies will help to minimise accidents.

Reaction injuries- These type of accidents are caused by slipping and tripping (excluding falling). These can lead to more serious incidents such muscle damage, breaks and other bodily trauma. Employees being diligent of their surroundings is one of the only ways to prevent these kinds of accidents from happening.

Slipping/Tripping- This is considered the second highest cause of workplace injuries and can mean anything from slipping on a wet surface to tripping over an obstruction. If workers have an awareness of their environment and safety guidelines are strictly in place, incidents like these should be kept to a minimum.

Falling from Heights- Ladders, roofs, and stairways are all examples of raised areas where these types of falls occur. They can come as a result of slipping/tripping, or inadequate tools and equipment. Certified protection gear, training, and employee awareness can reduce falls from a height.