Drivers paying thousands for non-fault accidents

Over a third of motorists say they’ve suffered financial losses after being involved in a road traffic collision that wasn’t their fault.

An RAC survey found that 36% of drivers have lost out financially because of a “non-fault” accident, with some having to fork out as much as £3,000.

Some motorists said they had to cover their insurance policy excess, travel expenses, loss of earnings and the cost of a personal injury compensation claim – as these were not covered under the insurance of the at-fault driver.

According to the survey, drivers were paying out £215 on average following an accident that was caused by another vehicle. But motorists who were forced to make personal injury claims paid out a much higher average of £2,036 – with the highest uninsured losses totalling almost £3,100.

Out of 2,000 motorists it was reported that 19% said they’d been involved in a car accident in the past five years. Of these, 69% said the other driver had been at fault.

Almost one in three motorists (29%) said they didn’t have legal expenses insurance in place to cover uninsured losses after accidents.

Motor legal expenses insurance is designed to make sure drivers aren’t stung if they’re involved in a collision that wasn’t their fault and covers loss of earning, policy excesses and the cost of making a personal injury compensation claim.

RAC Legal Services general manager Paul Evans says: “Many people believe that the at-fault party’s insurer will cover all the costs following a collision, but this is not the case as even in the best scenarios drivers still have to pay their excesses which could easily be £150 or more.”

“Add into that travel expenses, loss of earnings and the cost of making a personal injury compensation claim and it must surely be wise to make sure you have cover.”