Police officer receives £12,000 in compensation in outlandish case after being bitten by flea


The police officer, who has as of yet remained anonymous, received £12,127 in compensation as well as costing West Midlands Police £4,185 in legal fees. All this came after he successfully sued the force. Tim Farren Former Liberal Democrat, reacted the same way many did upon hearing about the case and dubbed it ‘ludicrous’   


Mr. Farron said: ‘Our cops do an amazing job keeping us safe. Compensation should be paid for injuries at work but some of these claims seem to take the biscuit.’


‘It’s frankly ludicrous that taxpayers are footing the bill for when someone gets fleas on them. It’s utterly barmy and will harm public confidence in the police.’


Though this single case can be considered as utterly outlandish, it’s not something uncommon, compensation culture is a huge issue throughout Britain and is becoming more of a norm throughout our forces.


Information recently released in line with Freedom of Information Act, it was recently revealed that 14 serving police officers have successfully sued the force. An officer, who tripped at work was awarded £5000, whilst another received over £7,000 for defective equipment used whilst on the job.


One officer who tripped at work was given payments in excess of £5,000, while two cops who were injured due to ‘manual handling’ were given £6,000 and £8,573.30.


Another was handed £7,274 compensation for defective equipment used while on the job.

Former West Midlands Police officer Ray Egan, who served on the force from 1967 to 1993, said the payouts ‘beggar belief’.


He said: ‘It’s absolutely baffling. I can’t believe that. I was a policeman for over 20 years, and I can’t even imagine what would have happened if I’d gone to my senior officer and started moaning because I’d been bitten by a flea.


‘I’d have been kicked out the office with a clipping round the ear, I’d have thought. I’d have been told to get back to doing my job. There’s no way they would have allowed that.


‘Times are a bit hard still, and to have the audacity to make a claim that on tax payer’s money is extraordinary.


‘It’s gone soft, it really has. All I can say is that I’m glad that I’ve retired. Compensation culture is rife across many forces in this country.’