Woman dies from black market botox

A woman has died following a black market botox procedure. 31-year-old Latesha Bynum received the toxic injections in an unmarked building, on East 21st Street near First Avenue in Gramercy Park in July of last year. Two weeks later, the mother of two was reported to have suffered from sharp chest pains and dizzy spells.

Bynum contacted emergency services at approximately 23:00, from here she was taken by ambulance to Mount Sinai Luke’s hospital, where doctors, unfortunately, pronounced her to be brain dead, she was subsequently taken off life support.

Police spent a considerable amount of time investigating the apartment which was said to have been a centre for illegal plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures.

“DOH has no record of a DOH-licensed facility at that location,” A spokeswoman for the Department of Health stated.

In recent years, a spike has been witnessed in women becoming seriously and even dying after receiving industrial-grade silicone at cheap prices.

A similar case occurred in June of 2015, where 34-year-old Kelly Matthew passed away in a Queens basement, following a series black market botox injections.

Friends of Bynum have posted a tribute to her via an online video, mourning her death- naming her a “sis to everyone who love[d] her.”