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Russell Sutton LLB (Hons)

Senior Partner

Russell Sutton is the senior and managing partner of the firm. After graduating from Newcastle University with a degree in law in 1996, he trained at one of Manchester’s leading personal injury firms, before joining TJL Solicitors soon after its inception in 2000.

He is experienced in a varied range of personal injury litigation, with an emphasis on high value, complex matters. He regularly acts for people who have sustained very severe life changing injuries, including claims involving very serious orthopaedic injuries and traumatic brain injuries. He has a particular expertise in claims resulting in amputations.

Russell and his team are adept at ensuring that the appropriate care and rehabilitation package is arranged for his clients at the earliest opportunity, by ensuring the appropriate interim payments are obtained.

Russell also regularly acts for people who have received negligent dental treatment.

Notable examples of recent serious injury cases that have been settled include:

  • In a recent case Russell acted for a man in his 30s who sustained a serious foot injury in an accident at work. Liability for the accident was disputed throughout the case. The Claimant developed major complications and infection in the foot and the evidence obtained made it clear that a below the knee amputation was the only option available. Proceedings were issued in the High Court and settlement was reached, by negotiation, with gross damages being agreed at around £1.6 Million.
  • Russell acted for a man in his late twenties who sustained a traumatic brain injury and serious orthopaedic injuries, as a result of an accident at work. Liability was admitted at an early stage and an offer of £30,000 made in full settlement of the claim, before medical evidence was obtained. Russell and his team arranged for intensive rehabilitation to take place at a specialist residential rehabilitation centre and obtained substantial interim payments to fund the treatment. The matter was eventually settled before a trial for £1,000,000 on a global basis.
  • Acted for a young male who sustained multiple injuries in a high speed collision, whilst travelling as a passenger in a motor car. Responsibility for the accident was strenuously denied on the basis that it was alleged his client was aware that the driver of the car was uninsured and had no licence. The case was settled for £1,200,000 which included a claim for care and prosthetics as it was clear that one of the Claimant’s legs would need to be amputated.
  • Acted for a male in his early forties who was involved in a very serious accident on a building site and as a result he sustained a partial amputation of his left forefoot. Liability was denied in full. Legal proceedings were issued and medical evidence was obtained which indicated that the Claimant required an operation to amputate his foot through the ankle to allow a suitable prosthetic limb to be worn. Two joint settlement meetings took place and the case was eventually settled at the second settlement meeting for £837,500 on a full liability basis; £237,500 more than that offered at the previous meeting.
  • Acted for a forty year old man who was knocked off his bike on the way to work, resulting in him sustaining serious multiple fractures of his foot and ankle.  Argued that as a result of the accident, the Claimant was going to face substantial problems in following his chosen career path as an IT Consultant due to on-going future problems walking and standing. The Claimant had a career plan which was to start working in London on a freelance basis but could not stand on busy trains, in and out of London. As a result, his future earnings were reduced significantly. The case was defended and legal papers issued and was eventually settled for a substantial 6 figure sum, ten times the figure initially offered by the insurers of the other party.
  • Acted for a middle aged woman who had paid nearly £16,000 for dental implants to a number of her upper and lower teeth, the majority of which had failed, leaving her with difficulties in eating and talking and requiring a lot of restorative work. Legal papers were issued and settlement was reached without an admission of fault on the part of the dentist for £23,000, which included compensation for both future treatment and her pain and suffering.
  • Russell has also recently acted for a young woman in relation to a complaint against her dentist for a failure to refer her for specialist periodontal care, despite obvious signs that her gum disease was progressively getting worse. By the time she received specialist treatment she was advised she would lose several of her upper and lower teeth. The case was settled after legal proceedings were commenced for £32,500.

Russell is a member of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel and an Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) Senior Litigator.

He is committed to putting clients first and treating them with the utmost respect and upholding the firm’s mission.

“Russell has been practising in the area of serious personal injury for the last 15 years and is at the very top of his field.

He brings real clarity of thought and purpose to any case he deals with, no matter how difficult or demanding, which produces extraordinary results for his clients. I have seen him take on many cases over the years that other firms of Solicitors had refused on the basis that there were no reasonable prospects of success and recover hundreds of thousands for his clients. Whenever I am asked for a recommendation for a Solicitor specialising in big personal injury cases Russell is always at the top of my list.”

Nigel Edwards, Barrister, Exchange Chambers Manchester


partner-michael-saulMichael Saul LLB (Hons)


Michael Saul heads up TJL Solicitors’ cosmetic surgery negligence department, the first specialist legal department in England and Wales dedicated to helping victims of negligent cosmetic surgery.

Michael’s team at TJL Solicitors has successfully concluded a legion of cases arising from the full range of cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments. 

Michael represents a group of women and men in a landmark legal action against doctors and clinics who provided a facial cosmetic treatment called Isolagen. In a groundbreaking judgment handed down in May 2014, the Court of Appeal ruled, in favour of Michael’s clients, that (1) claims within the product literature that the treatment used only the patient’s own skin cells were materially false, as the treatment in fact contained animal material (foetal calf serum) and (2) those false claims amounted to misrepresentations on the part of the treating doctors and clinics, as they adopted the manufacturer’s literature by distributing it to prospective patients without making any disclaimer. This is believed to be the first reported case in which doctors have been held liable for the contents of a product manufacturer’s literature.

He graduated with a degree in law from Newcastle University in 1996 and worked for a number of leading personal injury and insurance law firms in Manchester before joining TJL Solicitors in 2002.

Michael is a recognised spokesperson on the subject of cosmetic surgery negligence and has featured regularly in the media including in the ITV1 programme “Tonight:The Real Cost of Beauty”, BBC1 programme “Inside Out”, Granada Reports on ITV1, Look North on ITV1 and BBC Radio 5live. Michael has also contributed to articles in the BBC and Daily Mail online, in You Magazine, The Observer and in numerous other national and regional newspapers.

Michael is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and The Manchester Law Society.

TJL Solicitors LLP is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority for England and Wales

The firm is a member of The Credit Hire Organisation, the Motor Accident Solicitors Society (MASS) and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and subscribes to its Client Care Charter.

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